Camp Nano

Another NaNoWriMo event has come, Camp NaNoWriMo where you get to choose your word count ( as long as it’s over 10,000.) So I picked 20,000 and I have no idea what to work on. That is not to say I don’t have ideas but I have nothing concrete.  I suppose I could just write an episode out of Andrew’s life, there are plenty of those. Maybe I’ll just write something totally new with new characters.

In other news…there is no news. I’ve done nothing lately of note. Just bits of writing here and there.  I need to go see what Emma put on the story we are working on so we can get that finished.

More and More

This Light Enterprises universe of mine just keep growing and growing. There is no end to the stories I can write. As a matter of fact, I am working on a YA novel featuring an Agent. Of course, this one won’t feature graphic m/m love scenes but there is a gay character in there. Just have to see how this goes. So far, so good.

Oh, Yeah

Emma Peterson reminded me I could post the thing I wrote for her. It’s a conversation between two of my favorite characters to write.

FYI – this is mostly unedited.

“Hello, I’m Light Enterprises Agent, Andrew Ross, and I’d like to welcome you to Lifestyles of the Super Rich and Sexy. Super sexy that is,” he panned the handheld camera around the apartment stopping once he landed on the dark haired man trying to read on the couch, “and here is one of the super sexy right here. Wave hi to the camera, Alain.”

“Leave me alone, Andrew, I’m reading.”

“Your lifestyle is not going to look very exciting on film, Alain.”

“I don’t really think I care.” (more…)

Not Dead

Finished Camp NaNoWriMo – I picked a low goal of 20,000 words and finished by April 18. Of course the story itself isn’t finished but it’s coming along nicely. I should probably share somethings on here but I don’t have much that makes sense unless you read the first book. However, I suppose I could write something outside this Light Enterprises universes but somehow I always tie it back in.  Hummmmm, what to do, what to do…

Days Like These

I have allergies? maybe, never had them before but this ‘cold’ has stuck around for almost two weeks so maybe.

Editing to get Alain and Simon into shape to send out into the world.

I want someone to bring me food. I’m tired. 12 days straight at work, one day off and then another five, wheeeeeeeeeeeeee

Emma P is coming to see me soon, YAY! We are going to see a Nightvale live show which should be fun and eat steak (and Italian of course.)

I guess that’s all. I haven’t written much of anything lately but I did start working on Stephen and Andrew so that’s a good thing.

JD and the Big D

Dani Linden: things in a condom are larger than they appear

Emma Peterson: LOL

Dani Linden: funny for Alencar, everyone’s ass feels tight

Emma Peterson: Well when you disembowel everyone you fuck, yeah

Dani Linden: Oh, here’s your spleen, it stuck to the condom and I pulled it out by accident

Emma Peterson: Ew lol

I Forgot This One…

Sometimes in his memories it’s hard to see where he pull his dick out of one and sticks it in a another. – Pigeon to Thomas and Brian

Yeah, I know these don’t make a lot of sense taken out of context but maybe one day they will be read in context by more than just Emma P. and me. (fingers crossed)

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things…

A random assortment of lines I’ve written that amused me…

“Want me to take the bag of dicks up?” – Sean to Kel

“Wouldn’t work, I’d be on so much birth control, I’d grow boobs,” – Andrew to Chance

“Now I believe you mentioned something about a chair calling. Weird that you can hear furniture but let’s go see what it was saying.” – Andrew to Chance

“I’m not your fucking cabbage!” – Kelton to Andrew